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    Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    Tantrum alley.

    Well, the past 2 days have started out quite well with tantrums. Yeah. (note the LACK of enthusiasm...) We are normally so good around here, but these past two mornings have been rough. This am we were supposed to be joining our mommy group for coffee and breakfast dressed up for Halloween. I tried to get Dory dressed, and she screamed in a puddle on the floor the whole way. The event was at 9:30, at 11am she had calmed down and said that she wanted to go and see her friends. When I told her it was too late, she replied no, it's not dark outside. So, these are the lessons we now have to be learning.

    We started with the clock this past week, and so far so good... apparently it was just in 'time'. Anyway, no coffee for this tired mommy today.

    We have been working on getting her to understand what whining is and that it will NOT get her what she wants, as well as the boneless meltdowns, and overall we're doing really well with that... I can't figure out what has triggered these two meltdowns.

    I will say, this was the first time I had to miss something that I wanted to do as a way of punishment, it sucks.



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