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    Friday, November 10, 2006

    To the ped's, finally.

    We are finally heading in to the official doctor's!
    That said, the midwife came by this morning to check up on us and... this little guy is 8lbs 8oz!!! Nearly an entire pound heavier just 11 days after birth. I guess we will see how well he is doing on other things here real soon! (Personally, I think he is doing just perfect.)
    We will be delaying all vaccines for awhile, and of course didn't have the eye drops at birth or the vitamin K injection. The only thing other than an intro to our pediatrician will be the PKU test. I would be fine skipping it, but it certainly doesn't hurt to run it since it is just a blood draw and tests for over 30 (here in NC) possible problems, many of them genetic, and not an issue for us, but one is cumulative and better treated as early as possible. Do I think it is an issue? No, not a bit... but the test certainly will not hurt anything. So, we'll see! Off we go in a few minutes.



    Blogger Ted said...

    I can understand skipping the eye drops, but why are you delaying the vaccinations and skipping the vitamin K?

    5:05 PM  
    Blogger Jenny said...

    Seriously? Short answer: Vitamin K isn't just a vitamin, only really lasts for about 10 days and he gets a bioavailable form in the breast milk plus he's not getting cut which would make the shot make more sense. Delaying vaxs because I honestly believe that they can and do interfere with immune system development and cause all sorts of possible problems... and I have seen some nasty side effects firsthand. I am just being cautious... he's not in day care nor is anyone in the family working in, oh, say a hospital where nasties are common. And I love you dearly, but, no, it's not something I want to start a medical discussion on! ;)

    10:27 PM  

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