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    Tuesday, April 24, 2007

    Colds & Shoulders

    So, on Thursday night my Mom came over to help some with Dory. At 5 she was fine, at 7 she was sneezing and by 10 she was full fledge snotty and sick.
    5 days later we are STILL SICK!!!! Ug. Apparently Dory caught it from Jack who I had thought was just teething. Fooled me.
    We have been taking it easy for the most part.
    Dory's shoulder is slowly getting better. It is still very swollen and is now turing the sickly brownish yellow color that bruises exhibit as they heal. The knot is still there. we are still very careful with her in how we pick her up, because it does not take much for her to say it hurts again. I am convinced that it is a hairline fracture and is healing. Slowly. The knot in the second set is really quite solid. And there are a ton of veins and such running all over, so I can see it is trying to heal!

    Day after:


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