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    Wednesday, May 09, 2007

    A tooth! and a flurry of development...

    Little Man Jack finally popped his very first tooth yesterday on the way home from Auntie's house! I think it was just a fluke that I even noticed.... he wasn't fussy or anything in the slightest the last few days, just normal Jack. I guess he has been working so very hard at becoming mobile that he hasn't had the time to think about that tooth cutting through. It still cannot be seen, of course, but you can certainly feel it if he bites down! It has officially popped though the skin.

    Last Wednesday (the 2nd of May) he sat up all on his own for the first time, right after we got back from Aunties too. I didn't see that again until this morning right as I started to post about the new tooth! Now, in a span of just a few minutes Jack has sat up two separate times as skootching around on the floor getting to different toys. He is so very close to crawling, but can not get his knees moving just yet, so he readjusts his hands and ends up moving backwards or 90 degrees to the left.



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