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    Tuesday, August 28, 2007

    I don't get it...

    How do you go through a day where nothing goes right yet everything is wonderful?

    Today we were going to go to the park with some new friends... but they needed to cancel.
    So we took Daddy to work and decided to go to the Discovery Place to play.
    As I got downtown, it dawned on me that I should call Patty to see if she was free for lunch. She was.
    We pull into the parking lot and I look down to find I had pulled a great mistake of Mommyhood. I wore poopy pants. Yep, Jack had a leak the other day and it mushed all over my jeans. I took them off and set them aside. Apparently not aside enough because I decided to wear them again. So, I am out in public with poop stains. *sigh* Oh well, I figure no one will really notice, and those who do will understand completely. They will, won't they?
    Anyway, I get out and unbuckle Dory and tell her to put on her shoes as I go around to get Jack out of his seat. Dory is dawdling and not listening so I come back around to help her along only to find... no shoes. I had told Daddy she could walk out barefoot since her brown flip flops with the sequins were in the car, as they often are. But, alas, I was soooo very wrong. No shoes in that car anywhere. Not even one searching for a mate. None.
    We load back into the car and I am thinking madly as we leave the parking deck. How long and wasteful would it be to go home and get her shoes vs going and buying a new pair for the fall real quick? I choose new shoes.
    Off to the Park Road Shopping Center we go. Rack Room.
    Would you believe of all the shoes there that they only had ONE pair of shoes that were 1. her size, 2. not covered in some liscensed character 3. was not a croc rip off and 4. was under $30?!?!? It's outrageous! Well, that aside, we found a super cute pair of brown leather loafers in the boy's section that look like they are straight out of Dick and Jane. They need girly socks, but they are kick ass cute.
    New shoes on the feet, we walk up the sidewalk to my old haunt to say hello at the bookstore. Hello to Sally, hello to Sherri, Hello to Martha, Frank and Frazer. We enjoy ourselves looking around and reading books.... until... I realize I am now running late for lunch with Grandma downtown.
    Lickity split we are in the car and driving... I call Patty expecting her to be in a bind with us being late but it seems that it made absolutely no difference. We head back to our deck, park and head UPHILL for 2 blocks to meet her at her office.
    Out we go for Thai. Lunch was really nice. Dory really behaved pretty well, other than she wanted to be excused when she was finished to go play some... seems we should work on the 'no, you need to wait until everyone else is finished' while at home more. Jack got hungry and is at the age where I get more leery to just NIP, but it went without incident. (Not that I have ever had one... I know my legal rights and am fully prepared, but still...)
    On the way out we pass and look at several pieces of artwork, almost making our trip a gallery day. Dory enjoyed it and I loved it, Grandma told us cute stories about her youth in Washington DC and the galleries there.
    After lunch we headed for coffee. They had nothing organic for Dory, so no 'Dory coffee'. Would you believe there was no tantrum?!?! I was shocked. VERY surprised.
    After we said our goodbyes to Grandma we hopped onto the Orange line Gold Rush 'Trolley' for the ride two blocks north. We didn't even have to wait, it pulled up as we reached the stop! I had found a walking map for the art displays downtown as we had left lunch, and it had the trolley lines vaguely listed so it was fairly apparent which one we needed. We decided to stay on longer and come back around so Dory could really enjoy herself.
    However, halfway around was apparently the shift change and we sat, waiting on the new driver to show up... that is until the current driver told us in her broken english that we could get on the trolley in front of us, that they were leaving and we were welcome to switch. So we did.
    We got off right in front of Discovery Place, went in and meandered around their main floor before going downstairs to see the fish. Dory looked and played with every display she could find. Some she figured out, others she left in the dust to figure out another day. Slowly we made it downstairs to the toddler room. Which was busy, but not so crowded that it could not be enjoyed. Now that Jack is a bit bigger he got to get hands on too and loved the baby corral. A quick trip to the bathroom and we spent another hour running around looking at things.
    At 4pm we headed out towards the car so I could make it to the Tailgate Farmer's Market right as they open. I had a short shopping list but wanted to make sure no one sold out before I got there. Well, I made it in time.... but my farmers, well... one didn't even show. Another only had eggs and tomatoes... when I wanted 12 cloves of garlic (yes, I know that's a lot... I really did want 12). The only thing I was able to get was my baggy of oregano from 'Rosemary' Pete. *sigh*
    I waited around another 30 minutes hoping that Grateful Growers would show up late because I didn't want to get to John's office to early since he can not leave earlier than 6. They didn't.
    Well, as I drove by his office at 5 I called him to see when we could fetch him. I had two kids fast asleep in their seats and John said to come on and get him... r e a l s l o w l y d o n o t h u r r y.
    Little did he know we were just outside - so I drove home, got the mail, looked trough the stack of junk and drove back.
    We got there at 5:40. The kids woke up as he climbed in. We headed home.

    So, my question is... how does nearly everything go wrong in a day and it still be a good day? Well, it seems that as everything went wrong that something went right. That does not seem to happen very often. At the end of the day all things were equal.
    Except for the poopy pants.



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