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    Friday, August 10, 2007

    Dory went to Auntie's House Again

    For the WHOLE weekend this time. She was excited when I told her today... and they went shopping when they got back to her place. I spoke to her tonight before bed and she was busy playing in her makeshift tent with playdoh... she certainly did not seem like she would be heading to bed anytime soon.

    Since she headed out I took John to dinner, out for Thai food tonight. Jack did pretty well through dinner. It is amazing how much easier it was with just one kid to concentrate on.
    Tomorrow John and I have a home schooling conference to attend. I really hope it at the least gives us a great overview of all we need to know heading into this. Off I go to pack... it lasts from 8 until 5:30... long, informative day ahead.

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