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    Sunday, August 05, 2007

    Bedtime stories...

    Once upon a time there was a pink castle. In this pink castle in the land far away lives a Princess who had long curly blonde hair that she wore in two braids. She always dressed in a big beautiful sparkly blue dress. Her name was Grace. Princess Grace.
    Princess Grace had a pet. His name was Fred and he was a frog. Fred the frog spent all his time sitting on her shoulder. He did everything with Princess Grace and came to be known as Sir Fred the Frog.
    One day Princess Grace was sad. Her mommy the Queen was sick. So, Princess Grace and Sir Fred the Frog set out to help her.
    They went out the front gate of the pink castle that they called home and walked down the lane, stopping to smell the tulips that grew alongside the road. They went across the bridge that was over the babbling brook and just over the hill to the friendly forest.
    In the center of the friendly forest was their destination... the Fairy Ring. The circular clearing hidden in the center with a small stubby stump in the center. This is where the fairies and their magic lived. Now fairies are beautiful, and very small. They are only about as big as your nose. Baby fairies are as big as a baby's nose. Children fairies are about as big as a child's nose. Lady fairies are about as big as your Mom's nose and men fairies are about as big as your Dad's. The fairies all have wings, and they all fly, even the babies. Their wings are transparent and they shimmer in the light with flecks of yellow, green and purple. My favorite are the green sparkles... When they fly and you look up, it's like the stars are alight during the day. And you know what fairies wear? Flowers. They fashion all sorts of beautiful clothes out of flowers....
    The King of the Fairies is named Erik. King Erik of the Fairies.
    He's as big as Daddy's nose.
    Princess Grace and Sir Fred the Frog had come to see King Erik of the Fairies.
    She had heard that he could help her Mom, the Queen. King Erik of the Fairies granted Princess Grace wings. To Sir Fred the Frog he gave the ability to burp bubbles.
    Princess Grace thanked the Fairy King and left the Fairy Ring, the Friendly Forest and walked back over the hill and up the lane. She and Sir Fred, the Frog, walked over the bridge at the babbling brooke and stopped to smell the tulips and he daisies taking some back for the Queen.
    The Queen was very happy to see her daughter the Princess, but was too weak to talk. Princess Grace walked over to her and gave her Mother a kiss on the cheek. Then... she turned around.
    Sir Fred the Frog began to burp bubbles... Lots of them...
    Princess Grace began to fan her wings, and all of the bubbles landed softly on top of the Queen's head with a plop, plop, plop... except for the last one, which landed softly on her nose.
    The bubbles were not ordinary, like the ones we blow with wands and pop in midair or when they touch something... these are special. After the last bubble landed on the tip of the Queen's nose, they all began to shimmer with the iridescent colors of fairy wings. Then, they melted into fairy dust covering the Queen's head and giving her strength.
    The gifts of King Eric of the Fairies to Princess Grace and Sir Fred the Frog had saved the Queen.
    The End.
    Good night.
    I am certainly getting better... I was doing quite well a few weeks ago talking about Princess Dory who went past the woods, past the fox, over the hill to the top of the mountain to see the Puckett Dragons who took her to a far away mountain to see the rest of the Puckett Dragons. And then flew home. LOL.... Dory then was not sure she wanted to go to the family reunion, since we are the 'Pucketts' and she was not sure she wanted to meet the dragons. And se was NOT a Puckett, because she was NOT a dragon. Not even a friendly one. LOL She got over it once we got to the mountains....



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    How would you like to have a fairy like that full of nickels?

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