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    Sunday, July 29, 2007

    2007 Puckett Palooza aka My Family Reunion

    We were out of town last week for my family reunion. We had a blast at Dave Hollow Lake, in Kentucky. The little girls all fell in thick as thieves. One morning as Dory and I were walking back from the 'Grand Cabin' we saw the other girls walking up to Kristine's cabin. Dory looked at me and said, "Bye, Mom! See you later!" and took off over the grass and across a tiny stream to the other dirt road where they were walking. It melted my heart, she was free to be a kid without concern. I didn't have to worry about her. The water was wonderful and our ritual pontoons had slides. I never did go down then, mainly because I was holding Jack, but everyone really seemed to enjoy them! For the first part of the boa ride, Jack fel asleep and we made a makeshift cradle of the hamper Tricia had brought towels in. It worked perfectly and we had plenty of notice when he woke up grabbing him before he wandered off. We had a surprise wedding reception for Greg and Judy since they got hitched without us in their overalls... That was fun! Tricia did the greatest little skit. Greg and Jen regaled us with 'Sha Boom' again... we really should just learn the words! And, it turns out that Judy is a Celiac like Jack is. So, there was communal food for me too. :) Of course, I did gluten the poor kid going up. I didn't think about the Laura's Junk Food Cookies having flour, but of course they did. I ate half the tub before I thought about it. I felt so bad. He certainly reacted to them. He's still recovering and it has ben a week and a half almost now. :( Poor Tricia and a few other family members too, they got some tummy bug, maybe food poisoning... no one actually knows. But Tricia had it worst.
    All of these pictures are from Greg and Gail. ;) More pics and videos coming from me super soon!



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