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    Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    Saving the World One EyeRoll at a Time

    My sweet husband puts up with a lot from me and my save the world ventures. CFLs, getting rid of Teflon nonstick pans (KUDOS to him for that one!!! He gave up 3!), and... the big one... Recycling. Everything.
    I am so proud that many weeks our recycle bin has more stuff than our trash can does. There have even been a few times when I put out the recycling, but NOT the trash! This has, however, not always been a peaceful process in our house. In order to recycle I sometimes go to extremes and sacrificing precious time. Or, at times space. Like on out return trip from the family reunion... I brought back 80% of our recyclables with us. Packed in with all the other luggage. We hauled back trash. I could feel the distain melting off of John, but he - to his HUGE credit - never once mentioned it. Maybe he didn't want to argue with me, but maybe he was coming around... I don't know. But I do know that I have bought into the whole save the Earth 'thing' Hook, Line and Sinker. I practice it in every way that I can without causing a massive revolt and WWIII here at home. So far Armageddon has been avoided.
    Tonight, after perusing the local food blog and the Tailgate Market's site, I found a link... maybe it was from Kleen Kanteen, I don't remember now... to this one:

    An Albatross carcass, filled with... plastic

    In many ways it reminds me of John's caption contests where you take the wierd picture and come up with something super witty... in other ways it is just plain scary. Seriously, scary. It makes me glad that I shipped home our recyclables, all the plastic bottles we drank from while away from home. I feel really good about myself that I at the very least TRY, even when I fail, to be a part of the solution rather than the problem.
    So, go ahead and make some fun captions with this guy... but after you do, take that water bottle you just used to the recycle bin rather than the landfill.

    BTW: This Albatross was an area "which lies in a remote and virtually uninhabited region of the North Pacific. The animal is a juvenile who was fed the objects by its parents who foraged them from thousands of miles of the north Pacific Ocean.."
    Source: Captain Charles Moore, Algalita Marine Research Foundation
    Makes it even more scary.



    Blogger Jenny said...

    To give my sweet man super credit:
    He organic gardens, composts, vermicultures, wants a rain barrel (on order), and hauls my two full recycle bins out for pickup every Thursday morning.
    He has also been enjoying, along with me, the new show on the Sundance Channel "It's Not Easy Being Green"...
    :D Yep, I love that man!

    12:56 AM  

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