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    Sunday, November 23, 2008

    A walk in the woods

    A walk in the woods
    A walk in the woods
    Originally uploaded by Jonquil Mom
    I need to knit John a hat.

    We all took a hike today over at Reedy Creek along the Umbrella Tree trail. It was the first time we had really taken the kids hiking. They did great! The trail was .7mi in length, but due to the terrain, more like 1-1.5mi... Jack did some riding on Daddy's shoulders, but even he walked most of it. Abby went along and seemed soooo pleased to be out away from the house.
    Afterward, we headed for a coffee shop to warm up. Jack was wiped out and out cold - so he slept the whole time on the couch there while John taught Dory the beginnings of Chess. It seemed like she did a pretty good job! I dare say she knows nearly as much as I do now...
    Really, a good day... other than John decided he really should have worn a coat. It was about 40, and felt a bit colder due to the shade and breeze.
    I sure hope we can do this more often. :)


    Blogger Yankee John said...

    I was a frozen pop-sicle!

    1:09 AM  
    Blogger doreen said...

    I'm so glad you guys had such a great time! These are fun for both the parents and the kids. I have loved our recent nature walks. I hope that we are able to keep them up as well!
    And yes, if Mr. Popsicle is chilly, you MUST knit him a hat ;P

    1:18 AM  

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