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    Saturday, November 15, 2008

    Flounder Blues

    Ok, I know some of you are here for the kids and some of you are here for the knitting. Today... you get neither! Tough tahooties, get over it. You get of Pickles & Blues instead. Market rambles.
    So- remember when John and I had date night last week? We headed over to the Tailgate Market Fundraiser. Bill, the Pickle Guy, also has a jazz band and they played for us. We thoroughly enjoyed Bill's band and the songs... so much so that John bought the CD. It's been in our car ever since.
    This morning I worked the market for Summer, since she could not man her Felicitea booth. Well, I set up right beside Bill and ate pickles all morning. Yum. REAL pickles, cultured, fermented and no vinegar. Yep... yummy. I even came home with a jar of pickled green tomatoes. Seriously, good.
    Anyway, over the course of the morning I told him how much we like the Flounder Blues... and he let me know there was a music video for it. It's not huge and fancy, but it is fun. I like the imagery I get in my head a bit better, so listen to it once without peeking... but the video is cute, and I just have to share. Of course, if you don't like the idea of going fishing or gigging... well, then you might not like the video.
    I wonder if we can find some flounder for dinner now...

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