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    Wednesday, October 29, 2008


    I am SO BEHIND!

    Halloween costumes to make... Dory wants to be a Monarch Butterfly and Jack is going to be BamBam Rubbles.
    Food to pick up... UNFI was delivered Saturday when I was at SAFF, and it's still taking up room at Lisa's house.
    One last second design to enter and write up... Chiodna, a cabled cowl demanded last second attention.
    Jack's 2nd birthday is tomorrow... *nothing* is done. Nothing.
    Bills to pay... Um, yeah.
    Blog entries to catch up on... EEK! I'll never remember it all. At least I have pics of some of it to remember what all happened this month. And the Tweets might help fill in a few gaps.

    Okay, a to do list makes me feel a *little* better. (But not much)

    The weather has turned cold for the moment, and I didn't prepare in time so the kids are not ready for it. Nothing from last year fits now, of course.

    Can I go back to bed?

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