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    Monday, September 29, 2008

    8 years

    8 years ago today, John and I started dating.

    8 years ago I could not imagine this house, many of my friends and my 2 beautiful children. What a wonderful 8 years! I look forward to the next 8 years, even though today is one of those days that will go down in history much like the night Diana died. The DOW fell 777 points, 1.2 Trillion Dollars, largest point drop in history, and one of our local banks, Wachovia, was taken over. What does that mean for the other bank in the area, Bank of America? It's all pretty downright surreal for me. What will the next 8 years look like? Where will time take us? I don't know. I could see it coming, believed it was coming, but still am surprised by it.
    But I know I have a great family because of one little kiss, 8 years ago tonight. I know God put us together and held us there when we didn't want to be. I expect another great 8 years with my sweetheart and children. We are lucky John has a very stable job and that he's young enough that pension loss (if there is any) isn't catastrophic.

    Tonight I count my many, many blessings.

    Happy 8 years of Grand Adventure, honey... on to the next 8!


    Prayers for all of you who are hurting tonight.

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