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    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    Sorry... Savannah continued. Finally.

    So, the drive down was nice, that I recall... but Netflix sure came in handy that afternoon! John went in to work for a few hours and left us to unpack and settle in at the hotel - which let me just say is NOT EASY with these two. I finally got them to settle down and watch some Dora and other cartoons on the Mac because while we had a nice large flat screen TV in the room it didn't get a single little kid friendly thing on it. Let's just say I was thankful for bedtime. All week.
    On Tuesday we went ahead and headed out of Statesboro, where we were 'stationed' (GSU), and went into Savannah -- to go shopping for WARM CLOTHES. The weatherman had somehow managed to lie to me when I was packing. We had shorts and were expecting the 70's and instead got the 40/50's. BURR! Luckily we found several things and we had brought jackets in case so after buying them each a pair of jeans and socks we were a bit better off. We first hit the health food store just south of Forsyth and got yogurt and carrots. I know, weird lunch, but it worked and was yummy. (And I found a new yogurt I am head over heels about!) I had thought we would head over to the Jepson Center at the Telfair Museum... but it was closed on Tuesdays. GRRR. So, we went for coffee and cake (gluten free cake!) at the Gallery Espresso. We tended to set up shop there everyday at some point. From there we wandered over to Shaver's Bookstore and took up residence in the sweet little indy bookstore. Took home a few bedtime stories while there. I also called my old store and had them order a anniversary present for John. Don't tell him about it though. ;) After that Dory was determined to ride in a horse drawn carriage... but I didn't exactly want to spring for that, so then she decided on a trolley... but I didn't want to spring for that either so we hopped on the free city trolley shuttle. I think it was a wee bit of a mistake this trip. The kids loved it at first, but I heard an earful about a dealer at one corner... thank goodness it wasn't so obvious that I was getting questions from my kids. If I were more naive I might have even missed the conversation myself. Well, by the end of the circuit, the kids were falling apart with hungry and tired. We headed 'home' to the hotel. After, um, more cake.
    Wednesday we did finally make it over to the Jepson Center and as I was rounding them up to leave the first part of the kid's area, Dory misunderstood me and wandered all the way to the front door of the gallery by herself. 2 entire floors away. I. was. livid. Wow, I was so mad. Not to mention a wee bit scared since she had, upon getting there, been reprimanded by a docent for touching a statue... that was at the very entrance to the kid's area... who puts a 'do not touch' statue at the entrance of a touch everything area? DUMB.
    ...to be continued, but the aptop battery is dying.

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