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    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    Language explosion

    It's safe to say that Jack is fully lingual now. It started about a month ago when something seemed to click overnight, and has steadily grown since then. Last weekend while I had a cold (thought it was allergies) I took him in the car with me for a short trip tinking it would knock him out for a nap.... no.... he talked the - whole - time. Non-stop. About everything. Including the dirt on the side of the road. And when I was allowed to go through the traffic light because it had just turned green.
    Yeah, he's lingual finally. And it happened all at once.

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    Blogger Marissa said...

    I just added you to my Twitter (I'm UnseelieSuccubus on Rav).

    My friends 16 month old just hit the "oh my god WORDS" stage too. He used to make a sound like a rumbling kitten when he'd see me, now every time I go over he goes "Hi Sa!"

    9:27 AM  

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