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    Saturday, February 21, 2009

    Freaky smart for 2.

    I was in the kitchen trying to get dinner to the table when a moody and unhappily restrained (aka snuggled) Jack sat in his Daddy's arms.

    John said to Jack: Jack can I get a hug?
    Jack: No.

    John: Jack can I get a kiss?
    Jack: No.

    John: Jack do you want a tickle?
    Jack: Nooooo... (with big upset eyes)

    John: Jack can I get you to say 'no'?
    Not even looking at Daddy as if he's catching on he says "Uh-uhhh."

    *Dory and Daddy crack up at this point.*

    John: Jack can I get a kiss?
    Jack: No.

    Seriously. It's true. It happened. Good grief.



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