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    Wednesday, February 04, 2009

    O hai, Sweater-ish!

    O hai, Sweater-ish!, originally uploaded by zzwhitejd.

    (Sorry Becky - it's one of those awful knitting posts...)

    I have had 2 skeins of Applewood Malabrigo Chunky for a few months now - with nothing in mind for them other than I was in love with them and knew they needed to be used together. Searches across ravelry just wouldn't produce anything to actually produce with them and I have no experience with something 'large' so who knew how far I could get with them before running out...

    So, on the 31st, i sat down with needles and the first skein and cast on. Cast on what you ask? Um, I didn't know. I just cast on. And knit. and decided to throw in an increase here and there and kept knitting. Thought, oh, how nice those increases are lining up - very Zimmerman-ish. But then... well, this side is too long. Hummm, a button hole might help that then. Oh, shoot, I ought to make that a tab and bind off this bit to even it out.

    Then I stopped for 2 days.

    I had something in the shape of a rectangle that wrapped around my shoulders pretty nicely. 1/2 of my first skein was gone so I knew if I wanted to actually *make* something that I needed to go lacy.
    I asked Chrispy but she didn't know. Said what I knew all along, that it was time to flip through my stitch dictionaries. It's why I have them anyway...

    (TBC - Jack just woke up. There you go, Ba, a kid thrown in!)


    Blogger Virtuous said...

    Snazzy I might say!!

    Look at you being all Zimmern-ish and all! ;op I swear y'all must be related! You are such an adventureous knitter!!

    6:26 PM  

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