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    Thursday, January 29, 2009

    Living a Sitcom Life

    I go to change Jack's dipe this afternoon and found out too late there was poo... and then once the diaper is all removed and I am contemplating how to get him to sit there while I go get a washcloth, I hear the dog - thought it was the bi-monthly veggie delivery and I forgot to set the box back out for pick up...
    I go to set the box out telling Jack to "HOLD STILL DON'T MOVE..." and manage to knock over a small bulb flower pot which shatters, dirt, dead bulb and all on the floor a few feet from him in the process...
    What do you clean first? A gooey bottom or dirt and ceramic shards?
    I went for goo.
    Then, of course Dory wants to 'help'.
    There was no veggie delivery today, that's next week.

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