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    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    A Day at Grandma Debbie's

    Table tent, originally uploaded by zzwhitejd.

    What could be better than playing under a tent converted table with boxes and blankets AND Grandma? Beats me. :)

    We headed over to Mom's now that she has left her job on Monday morning after the monthly food delivery. We needed out of the house and had a great time.

    Garden Help

    The kids helped pull corn stalks out of the garden until Jack was determined to pet the neighbor's cat and went tearing through a MASSIVE red ant mound. You remember the red ant attack of '08 with John, right? Could have been soooo much worse. We abandoned the garden after stripping Jack down to his skives right there in the back yard.

    365.48 Flashbacks

    Later, Jack found my (I think, maybe was Tricia's) old Casio PS-6080 and quickly found the demo tunes. Dory and Jack commenced bickering. Dory won. I almost got so lost in nostalgia that I brought it home... I DID come to my senses though. Into a 'toy for Grandma's house' box it goes. I can't believe the batteries still worked. They don't make things now like they used to.......

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