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    Thursday, April 13, 2006

    Mommy drivel

    Dory is sick, I'm losing weight and my head still hurts.

    So, Dory came down with a cold on Tuesday. It was just a runny nose, then on Wednesday it becae a full blow green river. Last night, it moved into her chest. I have now made two trips to the drug store... one in the middle of the night last night. But, they are working, she is napping, and hopefully all will be well soon. I really don't want to miss the big Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, she's never been before!

    Losing weight..... yep, I was 134 last September. Yesterday I was 125. All of it has come off in the last few weeks due to the nausea. I just can't seem to get enough calories in to support the pregnancy and nursing and running after a toddler. And I'm not doing too much running right now! Well, I have no doubt that I will certainly gain it all back in due time. I did with Dory after losing 10 lbs when I caught a cold in week 8.... I went on to gain 36 lbs with her.

    My head... oh, yes, my head. I wacked it on the tub Sunday night. When I fainted and fell off the toilet. Fun huh? I will spare you the gorey details, but Dory saw the whole thing and I am quite sure was not happy to see her mommy fall. The whole new blood flow during pregnancy is a wonderful thing. That was one main contributing factor to the spell, I'm sure.


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