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    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    This is how her fingers looked at birth. She often 'held' her fingers in her fists so that they were not always visible. Sometimes people thought she was holding something she shouldn't be, like bologna.

    These are my toes, and the genes from which Dory ended up with extra fingers.
    Notice on my left foot the two toes are not as webbed as they are on my right. I really thought until I was in kindergarten that everyone's toes were just like mine.... and since then thought that I just had the coolest toes. I have never thought of having them separated, nor would I want to. They have caused me no problems whatsoever at all.

    Dory's left foot matches my left foot, but her right foot is even closer to the norm. Posted by Picasa

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    Blogger Gamal said...

    Do you know if your child has Bardet BIedl syndrome? My son was born with polydactyly and was diagnosed wuth BBS.

    2:01 AM  

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