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    Thursday, July 20, 2006

    Attachment Objects.

    Isn't nearly 2.5 a bit old to be just deciding on an attachment object?

    Dory seems just this week to be really attached to one of her baby dolls that she finally named a few weeks ago, Josie. I mean, we've done the thumb sucking, hairpulling for comfort, and I was thinking she wouldn't ever have an object but here we are; awfully close to it. Josie has been everywhere this week with us, and was even left at the bookstore yesterday for a short peroid of time. Luckily, she didn't freak out, we ate our lunch and went back to get her.... Josie was safe with some Playdate friends. It just seems late to me...


    So some of the CM's have replied that their son/daughter did the same at the same age.
    Ahhh... well then I guess it's normal. And I guess it's not really a security object, she seems to be mothering Josie quite a bit, offering her milkies and food and needing to know where she is. maybe she's just getting ready for a baby brother. Hum. She really didn't freak out when we left her, and was fine to go and get her later, but did remember and ask about her.


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