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    Sunday, July 16, 2006

    The Sling Party

    It was crazy crowded! I got several orders that need to go out real soon, and I am very pleased. There were so many people that I am worried that I didn't get the chance to talk to everyone; I mean, so many people that the AC couldn't keep up and we broke out the fans... It was amazing.

    I really liked how Sharon, the awesome hostess and fellow sling maker, organized her fabrics; they were in a 3 ring binder already cut and ready to go in plastic sleves. It was a really smart idea that I will have to try. Now that I have measurements down pat it would make more sense to do it that way siince it would most likely lead to less waste in the long run.

    Anyway, I finished so late yesterday that John hasn't taken any pics, but I guess that I need to go ahead and take a new belly pic real soon since I am getting bigger by the moment it seems. I am most certainly in maternity now, I exhausted the other clothes.


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