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    Friday, July 14, 2006

    The deal is done, this week is over!

    Well, we did indeed get the car this morning! John is really pleased, as am I... but I do have to say that i am going to miss the Forester... it was such a good car, I nearly felt like a bad person leaving it there. You know, much like if you were to give one of your pets away to a new home. Yep, I was attached.
    John and I spent the drive home reminding Dory not to kick Daddy's arm and noticing the little differences between the vehicles. Like there is no personal lights up front for reading a map late at night, the mirrors are not powered, the visors are very basic, there is a ton of cubbly holes, but not one right on top of the dash like in the Forester. This car is a little more basic, but still has some very nice perks. I think it will serve us well. It feels more like a car than an SUV, and that will take some time I think.
    I wish we could have afforded the Tuscon that we wanted, but in all reality... this is going to be better as we are SAVING money over what we were paying with the Subaru, and the Tuscon would have been more.
    I am now just glad that my life can go back to normal and I don't have to go car shopping for quite some time again. Whew.
    A side note, when we were negotiating, and they couldn't come any lower, I asked for a few freebies. A cargo mat and a cargo net. This morning they handed we a 'we owe you notice' for a cargo mat and a cargo cover! I am pleased with that mix up! I didn't even know they could get a cargo cover like we had in the Forester, and would certianly love one! I will completely forget about wanting a net!


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