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    Thursday, July 13, 2006

    Car shopping

    Well, since Monday, I have been busy car shopping with John.... We really thought we were going to buy a Tucson with Hyundai, but now we are pretty firmly in the Toyota Matrix category. We should have a done deal by tomorrow, but I am waiting to hear from several people. One is checking inventory to order from, one has one on the lot- but it has an internet deposit on it, and one is a back up in case the others fail. And, of course Grandma Marcille is praying over all of it for us. :) She's really great at that!
    Today has been a bit of a break as we are now waiting in a holding pattern, and while this morning the idea aggravated me, I am glad now, I needed a break. I have done 80% of the leg work and research, and John really helped play them off one another yesterday afternoon... That is why we got to such a great position. (We make an awesome team!) I just hope it all comes out now. I don't want to feel like I have wasted an entire week! I have done nearly nothing else!


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