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    Friday, July 14, 2006

    Other news of the week....

    Thanks to John's parents, we now have a new washer and drier! And I am catching up on nearly 2 weeks of back laundry so that we have clean clothes again. Our died , finally - after more than 20 years of service, by deciding that it was going to spend the entire cycle filling, draining and refilling. We looked to see if any one on CharlotteMommies has one to sell cheap, but alas nope. Then The grandparents were over to see us and Dory and I mentioned it off hand. They looked a bit shocked and informed us that they had just discussed giving us theirs as they wanted to move some things around and it required that the purchase a new set-up in order to do that.
    God really knows how to provide doesn't he?
    So, John's Dad brought the new one over on Tuesday and he and John set it up.
    I love the two of them! Well, all of my family really! :)

    John bought me a flat panel computer screen and it arrived Thursday. I really love it... but.... I think it was damaged in shipping because it has a few black lines that run from one side to the other across the bottom of the screen. We'll have to have them fix it. Other than that, I adore it!

    Dory has been a trooper this week. It has been NO fun for a toddler, and she has missed the vast majority of her beloved Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster. On the other hand, this week it seems like she is really turning into a little girl. Last night as I put her to bed, she tucked in her doll Audrey, gave her a bottle of water and provided her with a precious hair (her comfort object) and told her "happy thoughs and happy dreams" just like her Daddy tells her. It was so very cute.
    That said, she didn't sleep well last night at all. I think it is because I fianlly bought more disposable diapers after her having been to bed in cloth all week... I've had no time to go to the store while buying a car! Anyway, I think her butt was cold. Poor thing.


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