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    Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    Alexander type day

    Yep... It was horrible, no good, very bad....
    But it did get better, right after Tricia called just to tell me that she loves me. :)

    As I found out this morning, the wonderful, magnificent fabric that I have been using for the back of the carriers is no longer available. So I drove to Gastonia to Mary Joe's and found something that is not unbleached but will work. I guess I will live, but I'm still not thrilled. Fabric World is not on my good list anymore, they were so completely unhelpful.

    Also, I was supposed to pick up a local eBay purchase but had massive problems with that too... I won't go into it, I'll just embarrass myself. I hope I don't get negative feedback and that I can pick it up later this week.

    Okay, past that it has gone better.... and the new Frapper Map photo gallery badge above is pretty cool....

    Oh, and I have heartburn... from Cheerieo's


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