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    Friday, September 08, 2006

    What a trouble maker!

    Well, finding Grandma Dorothy at the airport this morning was certainly an adventure!

    Grand had looked at the arrival time, and reported it as 10:45.... So after our friend Lesli got sick and called off scrapbooking, we headed over there because the time was just about right. Well, she had read the time wrong. That was the departure time.

    So, we picked her up and headed off to the farmer's market to spend an hour putzing. So, we get back in time for her flight to arrive..... And an hour later we are still waiting. Her flight has been dropped from all of the boards, and she is no where to be found.

    By this time both Grand and I have walked Dory up and down the escalator 5 times each... And we looked for Miss Megan (TSA employed neighbor turned really good friend), but didn't see her. So, more up and down the escalator.... 1pm rolls around.... We finally head off for information. They are no help, we head off for US Air check-in where we are finally informed after waiting several minutes that she was not on the original flight but on the next one.... Hum... Grandma, did you try to sneak on some liquids??? So, back down the escalator we go, yet again.

    The correct flight was supposed to be landing at 1:03, that was pushed to 1:11... About 1:35 or so we finally see her. And it takes another 10 minutes to get the luggage.

    It turns out that Grandma had looked at her arrival time rather than departure... Grand and Grandma got their eyes mixed it seems. To top that off, Grandma also forgot her ID and had to get 'verified' somehow... It was a miracle that they let her on the next flight without any problems!

    What a trouble maker... we were around the airport from 10:30 until nearly 2. At least she didn't try to sneak contraband on board!


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