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    Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    A new 'do

    I went to get my hair cut at the Aveda Institute this afternoon, and sadly had to take Dory with me. I couldn't wait any longer for a hair cut and had no other time slots that I could take. That and my rockin' stylist Elledge (sorry if I spelled it wrong! I wish you the best!!!) graduates in just a few short weeks. How sad am I?

    Anyway, Dory had a BLAST!!! She is DYING to go and get another hair cut now. While there: the girls played with her, put her hair up in curlers, gave her the grand tour twice, told her how beautiful she is, gave her a sucker (her first & she didn't eat it), 'styled' her hair, and the real kicker that she was so proud of...... painted her tiny nails sparkly purple!!!!

    At this point both of the thumbs have been stripped of their color... but I did get the pix! And let me add, after this morning, she was a perfect angel this afternoon.

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