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    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    The Gilmore Girls

    are now over. No more Tuesday nights with my fave girls. I just can NOT believe how it ended. It was a great episode, but for a seven year show it was going out with a whimper.

    This is a great article. It recaps very nicely. And there is a great link to Kirk's greatest moments countdown as well.

    I guess it is like the end of an era for me. I first found the Gilmore's when John and I were just beginning. I was fresh from college and was single. Then I got married and had Dory. They were there day in and day out on DVD when I was home alone with the new baby stuck on the couch exhausted and learning to nurse and seeing a great mom and daughter team was wonderful. It brought me hope and provided me with companionship when everyone I knew was working and I had no support team like CM or NTC is for me now. No one else I knew had kids yet. But Lorelai did. I guess it is pretty bad to say that they were what I had, but in many ways, and many days... it is what I had. I can always go back and watch past episodes, but it is much like looking through a memory book. It's not the same thing as walking and talking and sharing something new with them. Or a cup of coffee. *sigh* It's a lot like when a beloved pet dies. I will never call Becky to come over and watch a new Tuesday episode with me again. I will never have the same anticipation for a day of the week as a moment of relief, knowing that I can sit back and relax among friends who are smart and witty, strong and oh so trendy.
    I guess I could blame Lorelai on my obsession after Dory was born in not being a sweat pants mom. I started caring more about me and my appearance after a few months and bought myself more clothes than I ever had before. It was glorious. It made me feel really GOOD about myself. I could be a mom and super cool. In fact, more trendy and cool than I had perhaps ever been before.
    Okay, so I can't just love the amounts of junk they ate.
    My life will go on, of course... but seriously, I am mourning.
    I just can't believe it's really over.
    la la la, la la la lala, la la la, lalala la la la la la la.....

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