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    Wednesday, May 09, 2007

    Pics from Auntie's house last week.

    We have been spending some time down in South Carolina with Auntie this past 2 weeks. During which Jack has gotten some much needed floor time allowing him to spend some considerable time learning to crawl. So far he only scoots backwards, but it won't be long at this rate!
    I know the pictures above as a bit fuzzy, but I really like them that way. I like how they have an essence of the life the kids have and how much they move. I like how the soft focus allows you to get an overall impression rather that focus on how Dory's hair is growing or Jack's is either. You see it, but just can't focus on it. It's impressionistic. In the video below, if you make it to aprx 1:40 you will see Jack working hard on crawling and getting some serious baby toe pushups in. I'm impressed. I could not do it! Dory wants so much to be both a big girl and a baby.. and you get to see some of her antics in the video as well. I was telling her at the beginning no to knock Jack over again, as she just had. Amazingly Jack did not care a bit.

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