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    Friday, August 31, 2007

    Of Boogers and Babes...

    So, I dropped John and Dory off at the house while Jack and I headed out to the store for some necessities. I got just out of the development when my phone rang - it was John. My thought? "Geez, what happened?"

    John started with telling me that Dory had chosen to pick her nose and eat it while sitting on his lap. He took a brief moment to remind me of his absolute and total revulsion to all things mucus coming from large holes in the face. I felt like I knew just where this was going... especially since Dory was crying in the background about how she wanted her Mommy. I explained to him that this was normal, she does it often, and that it was a phase and to let it go, she would stop - so on and so forth. He suggested I allow him to finish his story.

    John calmly told me that he informed her that it that it was nasty, gross, bad, yucky, would make her sick... you get the picture...
    She wrinkled up her face and proclaimed, "Yeah, and it's not organic either!"

    What can I say? I'm doing my job!!!! She's learning!
    (I told John he could tell her that it's okay, it is organic.... he refused.)



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