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    Wednesday, August 29, 2007

    Once back in college...

    I was bitten by a mouse. It was my roommate's live feed for her pet snake. (BTW- that thing STANK!) It was a bit painful as he bit the tip of my finger and his teeth were ^%#&@%* SHARP!!! But, he had it coming since he was lunch.

    _______skip ahead many years______

    I have not thought about that since until the last week or so. Now I think about it multiple times a day. Jack now has 6 perfectly razor sharp little teeth and when you least expect it, when you are holding him and he snuggles close.... ZAP! pain courses just like it did nearly a decade ago. Yes, he has even broken skin and drawn blood. It. Really. Hurts.

    I yelp.
    I try not to hurt him as I reactively pull away.
    I set him down.
    I walk away.

    He looks bewildered.
    He scrunched up his face pitifully.
    He wails.

    I swear he thinks he is giving me love nips... like when a new mom or dad just wants to 'eat the baby up' and can't refrain from nibbling on the baby. I swear that seems to be what he is doing. But, IT HURTS!!!!

    Dory never did do this. She would nip while nursing when tired, but Jack has taken biting to a whole new, painful, level.

    He bites my shoulder, my clothes, my arm, my nipple... you name it, he will bite it. I am soooo ready for it to stop.

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