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    Saturday, September 15, 2007

    Cognative Leap

    Dory had one this past week. I can not quantify it, but there were new understandings, new words and phrases, new things.... like a section of her brain just had the light switch flipped. It is awesome to see it, and to know it... but it is a milestone I can not explain like 'she took her first steps'. It's frustrating. She's 3.5, anyone know?

    She jumped off the couch to talk on the phone, to unpromptedly tell her Great Grandmother 'Thank You' for some books, she drew a really good picture of an earwig (see sept 6th).. and there were other things too. Little things, things I am amazed I noticed. She now pushes her hair behind her ears, like I do.

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    Blogger Ted said...

    Sounds like she's moving into the next phase of development--Oedipal, initiative/guilt, or preoperational depending on which psychodevelopmental theory you espouse. Usually starts around age 3, so she's right on track.

    2:58 PM  
    Blogger Jenny said...

    lol, is that what it is? If you say so... Tricia, do you concur?

    3:26 PM  

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