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    Sunday, September 02, 2007

    There is a first for everything

    And today it was the church nursery for Jack. 10 months old and he finally gets to go. Sadly, he is 2 weeks shy of being in Ba's class in the 1yr old hallway. And the class for his exact age has a danger for cross contamination of gluten from an earlier class so we are bumping him DOWN to the next younger group. He is with babies born in December and January rather than October and November... making him the big boy by a landslide at this age. None the less, I am overall fairly happy since they will vacuum the room before he arrives, know to watch out for crumbs and will be looking into providing gluten free snacks for the whole class so there is not a potential for a stray cheerio or graham cracker over the next year. Yes, I was nervous... for all the normal Mommy reasons, but also for the gluten issues. It went well, when I got back he was sitting on the mat chewing a toy phone with the other boys.

    Dory went for her first time to the 3yr old class. She had a blast. :)



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