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    Saturday, September 08, 2007

    OrganicFest vs. PukeFest

    We *were* heading out to Asheville today for OrganicFest, a fun family outing... even though Jack has been unpredictably barfing on us over the past few nights. You never know when he is gonna' get you. Other than that, he's fine, acts completely fine... we thought maybe it was a food reaction.
    Well, I suggested to John that we get breakfast at the house before heading out... and that was a minor disaster for Dory. It's not a food reaction as it turns out.
    Asking for trouble, we grab a change of clothes for everyone, since we all - honestly- otherwise feel fine as long as we are not puking... and we head out. Until, that is, Dory calls out from the rear just before we leave our community, "Mom, I'm doing it again!"
    We pulled over, helped her and headed right back to the house.
    PukeFest wins.



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