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    Thursday, October 04, 2007

    The Recycling Man

    He just stopped off at our house to get our two buckets out front and he sped through separating our stuff out until he came to one item. I could see him clearly out the window, but could not see what he was studying so intently. He looked like he was reading, and then tossed it in with the paper/cardboard.... at that point I saw what held his attention: Daddy's postcard to Dory from 3 weeks ago that she had colored all over and I finally threw out. I wanted to run out and grab it back, something about him reading it made it more sentimental. I can't quit describe it, I didn't mind him reading it, but it made it more special John's love for Dory being proclaimed for all to see. (Not that anyone can't see it any other time.) I guess it is akin to the stack of old letters tied with a string up in Grandma's attic that read of people we barely knew and are yet such and insight, so personal....

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    Blogger Yankee John said...

    While it may make you a little teary-eyed, think what a wonderful gift it was for a tired garbage man on an otherwise uneventful Thursday. Maybe he went home and hugged his kids a little more or called his parents to say "thank you."

    Or, he's illiterate and this was one more example of a cruel world laughing at him...nahh, he probably hugged his kids.

    5:14 PM  

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