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    Tuesday, December 02, 2008

    Forgive me

    Please forgive me for not keeping the blog up to date recently. I have been feeling like - see right now, words escape me. I can't finish that sentence. It's shameful. It's not quite depression, but more like apathy. Like the fight is being beaten out of me slowly. I hate it. What's even worse is I can't tell you for sure what is causing it. I can point out little things that prick at it... but not the root. So, as for blogging, I just don't even know what to write about. I have some responsibilities that I am falling down on miserably. Things that should not be hard for me to just get done... but seem like unscalable mountains.

    So, here you go... I'll dump some out unceremoniously for you:
    -Jack said "Walk the Plank, Arrr" on Saturday on the way to the IL's... it's his second sentence. His first was the week prior, "Here you go", as he slapped something into my lap and ran away.
    -Dory is Dory... a bit starved for attention, brilliant and opinionated. I'm going to cut up an old sweater that I accidentally felted a few years ago, and still have, to be a winter coat for her. I think it will be a perfect fit.
    -Thanksgiving was good. We had Turkey at one house, and Ostrich at the other. We did not celebrate it here this year, opting instead to travel. John didn't want to worry about company coming when he was going to be gone just prior to it on a business trip. Ok, I get it. But see? The fight is gone. As much fun as it was, I hated it. Is that awful to say? Thanksgiving was great! Really! It was! Good food, great company, behaved kids... and yet... Blah.
    -John has lost 24 pounds so far and is making tremendous strides towards losing much more. He likely already has and just has not reported it yet. I'm so very proud of him and the accomplishment!
    -We've been attending a new church that I am very happy with (or was until the last sermon series... not fond of the new speaker that we have had).
    -Jack finally got his birthday celebrated at our Thanksgiving get together, and the weekend prior. I do have pics.
    -Uncle Andy made a rocking pile 'o leaves and the kids, he and Daddy spent a good amount of time rolling in them Saturday. I have a video to edit of it to show you.
    -More FOs to blog about for my knitting readers. Even a killer swap package that hasn't made it up. (Thank you Amy!!!)

    How am I doing? *shrug* I'm doing.
    And that's not good. See? I'm even apathetic enough to write this post. The list above just looks like a glaring list of failed posts to me.
    So, please, forgive me. For not blogging more regularly like I usually do. For being snippy with you for what you think is no reason. For not being as joyous over your excellent news. For not getting that thing done on the time line that I set.
    I'm trying. I am. I just have no zip right now.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Oh Jenny. Hugs. I am thinking of you. I have been there myself, and know that it isn't a happy place.

    Just know that I am thinking of and praying for you this holiday season.

    2:49 AM  

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