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    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    Extra fingers, webbed toes....

    Also known as Polydactaly and Syndactaly!

    I had a friend reciently ask about her son's webbed toes. The pediatrician wants her to operate on them to seperate them.... so I though I would share what we have done, and not done.

    Dory was born with extra fingers hanging off of her hands. We really agonized on how to remove them and when to remove them since we really did think in this case they would be a serious teasing problem for her later in life. In the end, we waited until she was just shy of a year and had them removed by a hand specialist under general anestesia.

    Right Hand, back of hand and palm...

    Left hand, palm and back of hand...

    Note on each hand the skin tab connector, they had inside a vein, artery and nerve cells. The fingernails did grow. After birth the extra fingers grew right along with the growth of the other normal digits. After surgery in Febuary 18th, 2005 we found out that the fingers had fully formed joints but had no ligimants for movement.

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