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    Saturday, July 29, 2006

    Bad news came on Thrusday....

    My midwives are being run out of business by the hospital they are affiliated with on September 30th... meaning that I will have to find some other way to deliver Jack... It was a bit of a shock and nearly, okay- did, send me into panic mode, but all should work out fine in the end. My wonderful doula, Lara, assured me she would be there no matter where I was and that everything has a purpose. Between her and John I will be just fine. Now... this will be the week of interviews since many times practices don't want to accept someone over 30 weeks... here I am at 26! Eek!


    Blogger Claire said...

    Oh my! Good luck - I hope you find another practice soonest. Dory is gorgeous, by the way! Love the blog.

    1:32 PM  

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