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    Saturday, September 09, 2006

    Grandpa Kell Died Today.

    Some of you knew that I met my Grandfather for the first time this spring. I had never had contact until after Dory was born and I just felt it wasn't right, so I mailed him a card and included pictures of her... It opened the flood gate and our family has, for the most part, reconciliation and is still in the process of it. We all believe (especially his 'side') that he made it as long as he did because of this.
    Anyway, he was in okay health until a few days ago and passed today at 5pm. It was peaceful; and he was a very solid Christian, so there is no doubt that he is in Heaven with the Creator.
    My Mom sounds like a wreck, but is at odd peace with it too... She never saw him after being about a teenager (that I am aware of). She has spoken to him several times on the phone over the past year though.
    Well, that makes a very long story short.
    We will be traveling this week, and I will meet family that I have never even heard of as well as those who I have but not met as of yet (a half-aunt for one), I'm sure.
    Please pray for us as we decide rather to fly or drive to Ohio for the funeral, since I am 32 weeks pregnant and will be taking Dory who is 2.5 yrs. It could be a great trip or a really hard one.
    Thank you.

    (The March archive has several stories and pictures of the spring meeting.)


    Blogger Stephanie said...

    Jenny, whether you drive or fly, PLEASE be CAREFUL!!! I worry about any pregnant woman who travels, especially you! Call me when you arrive, and I will find a way to get to you, it may be just me or the family. Love you, and BE SAFE!

    4:05 PM  

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