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    Thursday, October 26, 2006

    On into the afternoon...

    and there is nothing of note, just more mucus plug and pressure. No contractions other than occasional Braxtons.

    Dory however had the most massive meltdown ever in the middle of one of our errands around noon. Ba and I carried her out and in the process might just have sprained her wrist or elbow. She is still melting down so I guess we'll know more after her nap. All I know is it still hurts 1.5 hours later. No, nothing is broken. Yes, she'll be just fine.... but she is NOT happy. Well, all I want to say is: Listen and obey next time!!!!! *sigh*

    Oh, and I love you all, but don't call.... I'll keep posting updates when something actually *does* happen!!!

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    Blogger RugbyGirlMD said...

    Ah yes. Being two....

    Poor thing.

    I for one (and please don't kill me) wouldn't mind seeing a Oct 31, Nov 1, or Nov 7th-my birthday...I'll share!


    8:13 PM  
    Blogger The Zdebs said...

    Ok, listen, I think I put the 30th or 31st on my sheet...so not till then Mister! I'm so excited for you..be sure to email pics and tell me how it goes! Miss you & Dory bunches!!

    9:54 PM  

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