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    Monday, December 22, 2008

    In support of Raw Milk

    It was an interesting day today... it started with the funeral of a friend's 23 day old infant. Very, very sad... (Previously posted about that)

    ...and then moved to my normal bi-monthly milk delivery down in SC. As soon as I pulled up and parked I got a tap at the car window with a guy holding a digital video camera pointed at me asking for an interview. Um, ok. Good ting I wasn't frumpy dirty last second out the door Mommy today! I was still pretty dressed up from the morning.

    Turns out his name is Max Kline and he is riding across the country in the next 40 days in support of Raw Milk, stopping at deliveries like ours, farms, and other supporter's homes. Very interesting seeing as food myths are of personal interest to me.

    I wish him well on his journey and can't wait to see his finished product. I hope he can help make an impact on our crazy backwards culture.

    In other milk related musings... it was last month that I noticed, for the first time since I was about 13, I drink milk without thinking about it twice. Seeing as it resulted in such pain for so long - even sometimes with Lactaid - I was naturally hesitant to just up and drink a glass even though with raw I can. Well, I am happy to say... I can now chug it with the best and not think twice. The pain is a pretty distant memory! Bring on the gluten free cookies and a big tall glass of the creamy goodness. :)

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    Blogger RugbyGirlMD said...

    Raw milk ( or rather the pathogens that like cow teats and grow like gangbusters in raw milk) causes a whole lot of sickness and spontaneous abortions....That's WHY it's regulated against.

    Consider that most pregnancies are unplanned and the mommies don't know that they're going to be mommies until late 1st trimester...

    Large scale availability is dangerous particularly to a population that your mommies' group is partial to. I would consider reading the Actually Scientific research with regard to raw milk, specifically in first trimester pregnancy, before making large/public support of the idea.

    11:14 PM  
    Blogger Jenny said...

    I read everything pro and con on it that I could find before making this decision. It was not one I came to lightly or uneducated on. I understand and respect your position inside the established medical community, but have to disagree on this.

    Also- for the record, I would not go about drinking just any raw milk. It certainly should be regulated for safety. I would never drink milk from a cow milked into an open bucket as it stood in it's own pee and poo and was not allowed to go tromping around a lush green field to feast on a natural diet.

    This is certainly not a cut and dry issue. In many states it is NOT regulated against; South Carolina being one.

    I've done my research, and am secure in it, as well as in the farm I buy from. (I will not buy from one locally, I do not trust the quality.) I don't care to hold a pro/con discussion, since the information on both sides is readily available.

    Large scale availability does not equal large scale agri-business/corporate farming/farm factories (what ever you term of choice). I am *massively* against that. That would indeed be dangerous, as already proven with spinach, tomatoes, beef....

    5:55 PM  

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