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    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    Birthing Situation Solution Search Day 1

    :) Went really, really well.
    We saw a birthing center in High Point this morning and interviewed a midwife in SC this evening. Tomorrow will be the same sort of lineup, only the BC is in SC and the midwife is here in Charlotte, so hopefully we will be on better ground after that. John and I both expect God will show us the answer pretty distinctly. So far, we agree on our impressions of what we have seen. :) Always a GREAT thing for us... You know.... Because we think so much alike... :LOL:
    Yesterday I spent practically the whole day on the phone lining up appointments and talking to people, amassing research...
    You know, like the car a few weeks ago- obsessing.
    If only I were content enough to go to an OB, have an intervention packed birth and be content with it.
    Nope, I know too much for that route. Ignorance isn't bliss, but sometimes it might just be easier.
    Oh well, back to obsessing about Jack's birth!!!!


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