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    Monday, September 18, 2006

    Car alarm?

    So, it's Sunday morning and John and Dory are sleeping peacefully in the bed (since we are recovering from a cold we didn't go to Church) and I slip downstairs to get a cup of coffee that John had brewed earlier in the morning and toast a piece of bread that he had fresh baked for our homecoming on Saturday. I was listening to a week's worth of voice mail when the smoke alarm went off. It was only after it went off that I smelled the toast burning slightly. I popped it up and ran over to the alarm to quiet it knowing that the whole house was already wide awake.

    John then reports to me that Dory sat up in the bed and sleepily said, "Car, I'm sorry Mommy!"


    Blogger becky said...

    love it! I remember when I used to have to hide my keys from her because she would always hit the panic button and set off the car alarm ;)

    10:07 AM  

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