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    Monday, September 18, 2006

    Excuse me!?!?!?

    Okay, so on with the travel stories...
    We flew NorthWest Air and had a layover of 40 minutes in Detroit. No big deal you say? Plenty of time you think? That's what I thought. Never again.

    The airport is laid out miserably. Two VERY long terminals run parallel to each other connected by an underground tunnel. What's even worse is that the tunnel connecting the concourses is COOL! Yep, let's make life even more difficult when toting a 2.5 yr old toddler.

    I was VERY lucky to have Tricia traveling with us o the flight out. I thought between the two of us we would be just fine getting to the next gate with two carry ons, a car seat and the Dory. Whoa, was I WRONG!!!!!!

    The gates could have barely been any further apart, and our flight was a few minutes late. We practically ran the whole way, using every moving sidewalk we could find to speed us up. I had the car seat, Tricia had the 2 carry ons and Dory. At 33 weeks pregnant, I was getting some righteous leg cramps from the strain, and Tricia was having a difficult time keeping Dory moving.

    So, I round the corner at our gate, where every one else is already boarded, hand the tickets to the attendant and am told, (as I am huffing and puffing and very obviously pregnant) "You can not board with out your travel partner, and I close the door in one minute." (And no, there was nothing even remotely pleasant about her.) I just stared at her absolutely dumbfounded and told her my partners were around the corner... She said they better hurry she had to close the door. Tricia walks around the corner, hands the lady her ticket (and the last one, oops) and the lady THEN proceeded to grill us about who is traveling with whom. Well, I'm preggers, we're both stark blondes looking just alike and I am huffing a HUGE BRITAX CAR SEAT, WHO DO YOU THINK?!?!?! It takes her a minute to understand that Dory is with me and that Tricia had given her an extra ticket.

    Stupid rude lady was about to get gone off on.
    **Don't mess with an out of breath, having Braxton Hicks contractions and leg cramps nearly full term pregnant lady traveling with a toddler and carrying a heavy car seat backpack style unless you want a can of whoop-ass opened in your face. Seriously.**

    Well, as all of that was taking place, the lady who was sitting across from us with her 1.5 yr old from our previous flight rounded the corner. She even had a stroller... and would have been refused boarding I bet if we had not been there already with our issues. I have NO idea how we beat her.

    Lucky for the airline, we all got on just fine and the flight was good. And while I have your attention, let me just brag. My daughter is a saint in the air... She does not scream and does not kick the seat in front of her, even with next to NO leg room.


    Blogger Ted said...

    I've always wondered why they have all those extra gates in airports, since my flight always seems to leave from the one at the far end of the terminal.

    10:18 AM  

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