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    Thursday, October 26, 2006

    Evening Update

    Blah... no real news other than some nesting has been accomplished. The kitchen has been cleaned up, a few things placed into the attic, went out for cloth for the back door windows so everyone doesn't get to gawk as they drive through the alley, finally put a latch on the deep freezer and put in a thermometer so we can start using it (nesting doesn't have to make sense...), baked by proxy (John is baking bread for me), and several other little things. Now I am going to reformat my iPod since it has decided to botch again (the nanos do that occasionally, but it's not a big deal) and go to bed.

    Dory's arm is just a muscle strain and she should be pretty much fine in the morning. I will say thought that today has been one MASSIVE tantrum. Like she is getting the twos out in ONE DAY. You think she knows something?

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    Blogger Ted said...

    Double checking the deep freeze to get ready for the new baby?

    Oh, I get it. You're going to lock John in there when he gets underfoot. Makes perfect sense.

    7:48 AM  

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