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    Monday, December 29, 2008

    The Magic Potion

    Earlier today I thought I was brilliant. Erm, maybe not.

    Dory had a mild case of hives/rash on her face that was completely unexplained. I pulled out the Benadryl at John's urging. She wasn't itching and as I said, it was very mild, so I wasn't sure she needed it just yet...
    Anyway, she looked at it and decided that something that shade of pink could not be good for your body. I was sooo proud of myself. Other kids would see candy, she saw... "um, no". I had to convince her it was okay just this once to drink something so unnatural looking. I called it 'Magic Potion' like a fairy would use to cure something. That is would fight the bad thing in her body and make the hives go away. She downed it lickity split.
    She took a nap.
    Fast forward 5 hours... I told her it was about time for a second dose just to knock it out completely. Next thing I know she is coming to my side declaring that she is "not a very good pourer." Can I say my heart stopped as I looked at a few pink dribbled down her dress?
    I looked around the kitchen and had to ask her where the cup was, ask her if she took any when said cup was *empty*... One cup full. How high? Up to the top. Where's the phone? *sigh*
    While she stripped her dress off and began soaking it in the bathroom I called Poison Control. Guesstimated her weight (later rechecked, overestimated by 3#), guesstimated amount in the cup (for the record it holds 5tsp, I measured later), decided to believe her when she said just one cup. She hadn't been panicked yet, so had no real reason to lie.
    Tonya said, I wanna watch her... call me back at 7pm & basically to get her full of food, make sure I can rouse her if she falls asleep again, don't worry if her pupils dilate... and no more Benadryl for at least 24 hours.
    Okey doke.
    So, she's full of food, bread, apples, cheese, water and a lollypop. Sugary at John's request to combat the sleepiness (I hope that doesn't backfire with a hard crash).
    Now, we wait.
    Update at 7pm.
    And... she's clear. She never fell asleep, just got cuddly and drowsy. Eyes never dilated. Just a grumpy blood sugar crash right about 6. So, we are done with our OD adventures for today.
    Separate, yet related note... hives are still there some. I'm guessing it's viral now.

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    Blogger doreen said...

    oh my! I am praying for D as is Rocky and I am glad that so far she is ok.

    6:02 PM  

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