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    Monday, April 24, 2006

    Great Big Sea

    We went to the concert last night, and I wimped out.... It was so sad. My heartburn was aggravated by the deep vibrations from the speakers. So I went outside and listened from the comfort of no vibrations. Then a few songs later, John joined me and we enjoyed the show that was happening outside the concert... Did you know the drunk people outside the doors can be FUNNIER than the actual show you paid money for?!?!? I could still hear the music, so it was good.

    Anyway, intermission hit, the flood gates opened, and as soon as the tide started to reverse, we finally understood I wasn't getting any better and departed for home. Sad, but true.

    At least I made it this time... The last time they came through town I had a newborn infant and John had to go by himself. Too bad John could not have gone by himself this time... The band want to the pub afterwards, and John could have gone too if I had not been sick! Of course, my dear sweet hubby said that he would have rather me gone than to have gone by himself.

    We also snagged the last onesie they had for Dory.... It says Great Big Baby. Of course, I'll post the picture of our little band groupie later....


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