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    Saturday, October 28, 2006

    More of the same...

    Nothing exciting, but things seem to be starting back up again. Very light Braxtons. There is a good chance that they will stop when I go to bed tonight.

    I went walking at the mall this afternoon with Mom in order to find Dory a present from Jack... I think I found the perfect thing. You'll find out what it is when she does!!! :D I hope she finds it very special and that this helps the bonding between them. Jack will 'give' it to her as soon as they meet.

    John made more bread today, and went to confession & church tonight... I have no idea if we will make it to Sunday School in the morning. I have been assuming that we will not be going, but honestly, if I'm not in full fledge labor, we probably should... so, we will see in the morning how things are going. Other than that, the water heater got turned way up, the house was vacuumed, dishes are done and diapers have been washed along with other laundry... the house is really pretty ready.

    If anything exciting happens or things really start to pick up, I will be all means let you all know.

    And I have every intention as soon after birth as I can to post pics for everyone, or send a PIX message to cell phones if you have one that will work for that. :)



    Blogger Stephanie said...

    I would love it if you would post pics, at your convenience, of course, and my moto razor gladly accepts pics, so send away if that is possible, also at your convenience! Love to all!!!!

    4:57 PM  

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